TPro: Who is getting missing waveforms with AAC?
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    Default TPro: Who is getting missing waveforms with AAC?

    I'm just lucky I don't use a lot of this file type. Lots of users are reporting missing waveforms when cue jumping within non-DRM AAC files. It will happen with the same track consistently, but others will work fine. The result is a track completely unusable until reload, and total silence. Once it happens to a file, it always happens to that file, and it seems random with regards to when it is going to happen. The track will play through fine if there is no jumping around with the mouse or cues. This is with both Traktor Pro 1.2.2 and 1.2.3.

    There are tons of bug reports filed with NI, totally replicable, no word from them. Unacceptable.

    How is it working for you?
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