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    Default Neurofunk DnB mixing

    Hi all,

    I am unfamiliar with this website, so if I posted in the wrong place please forgive me.

    I am an amateur DJ, I only mix music for myself or friends at a get together. I went "big" and got a DDJ-1000 a couple of years ago and had a friend teach me the basics like:
    • How phrases work (to some degree, half phrases still confuse me)
    • How to set up hotcues and fix songs where rekordbox misses the beat
    • how to use the frequency dials (idk what you call them but high, mids and lows)
    • how to use the colours (to some extent)
    • the key colourwheel, but generally I would just experiment outside of it anyways

    I generally only listen/play neurofunk and I'm very picky with my tunes, because honestly imo most of the stuff out there is absolute garbage. I feel like with neurofunk specifically mixing on more than 2 channels just generates noise and I have no idea how to even approach this, because with some other subgenres of dnb my friends who are much more capable than me can easily use 4 channels and I wonder if I'm just not experienced enough or am I right in assuming most of the time neurofunk just starts clashing too much if you go too far.

    I would like to learn a bit more about my controller's functionality in terms of neurofunk. I know for example in house music (or constant basskick music) that you can do a lot of shenanigans with looping, but would that even be useful in the context on neurofunk? And if so what would be the use case? And then in general what other functionality of the controller can I possibly use?

    Basically I would just like to expand my skill set and it seems pretty difficult to find more information on mixing neurofunk especially because I feel like when I find tutorials and whatnot that it is based on other subgenres and does not translate as well. I've been listening to sets from producers like Mizo or Gydra and I kind of understand the process but I can't seem to emulate it successfully.

    I'm basically just looking for some guidance in this area to improve my ability, if I'm being vague please let me know and I would love to engage in some discussion.

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    Neuro's common structure of intro>melody>buildup>drop>changeup>bridge actually creates a lot of room for live remixing, editing, and looping.
    Get used to hotcue jumping. Also spend some time learning scale relationships. Also, don't feel like being able to mix on 4 decks is a necessity in DNB. Get really good on two, then start finding your own reasons for wanting a third or fourth deck (for me, it is to negate load times on older pioneer hardware, sample teasing, adding acapellas, etcetera).
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