Twister: Bank 2,3,4 repeat Bank1 (even after Factory Reset)
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    Default Twister: Bank 2,3,4 repeat Bank1 (even after Factory Reset)

    After a Factory Reset the rotary encoders are set with an "Encoder MIDI number" from 0 to 63 between Bank 1 and Bank 4 but only Bank 1 works. Banks 2, 3 and 4 repeat exactly the "Encoder MIDI numbers" of the Bank 1 despite being set differently to get up to 63.
    Any attempt to set different parameters on Banks 2,3 and 4 is useless, only Bank 1 receives the changes and applies them.

    In the image you can see that I move the encoder to the bottom right in Bank 4 but instead of seeing "B0 3F" (0x3F = 63) there is "BO 0F" (0x0F = 15) which is the corresponding value of Bank 1!

    It's not correct behavior. Is it a factory problem or do I have to load a specific firmware to work in MIDI class compliant mode?

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    Hey Cauldron,

    I'm sorry to hear that configuring your unit is giving you a bit of trouble.
    It sounds like your unit doesn't have the correct firmware installed at factory. Can you please try to reload the Factory Firmware as the image below illustrates?

    Reload factory firmware.jpg

    Note. Select any of four firmware options available if you have a single Twister. It only changes the device name.

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