I need a custom Mapping for my S2 MK3
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    Default I need a custom Mapping for my S2 MK3

    Hello I am looking for someone who is experienced in creating mappings and can create a special mapping for my S2 MK3.

    Basically, everything should remain as it is.

    The only thing I would have liked to change is:

    The pad mode that otherwise saves the hotcues should be "FX-Pads" instead.

    (just like the "FX bank" on the DDJ-800)

    It would be great if someone could help me quickly because I'm not experienced in such things and it would take forever for it to work


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    Default suggestion MIDI mapping

    Hey there, while I am myself not as skilled as some others here, like that Stewie guy, who certainly could do that with ease. I am happy to share another way.
    As I struggled myself with a mapping lately I did some experiments to have a chatGPT-like tutor, that can help you with that.
    Now, you could as well just go there and give it a shot, there is a good chance you got decent advice, but at the end of the day deal with hallucinations somewhere down the line. Additionally you force chatGPT do refer only to your specific hard/software let alone up do date infos.

    My thinking was, if you can assure that only answers that are based on your controller and the DJ software are given, it could work.
    You do have some basic MIDI understanding I guess, right? Just see below how that would work and if thats something that might work for you lmk
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    Default continue

    Here was my test Q:

    How do I set up my a shift button using modifiers? Make example for:
    while "shift button hold", you can press the "Sync On Button Channel A",
    which then activates the FX section 3 to "active". When active, LED should light up for that button(ON), when deactivate LED turns off.

    1) Did you notice I did not explain it properly, I just realized while I got the response. I mentioned that in the follow up question, and it was fixed.

    2) Here I also tested, use google drive account for the data source, nope looks like you can't BUT apparently, even then access limited to Traktor Pro knowledge, it got the job done.

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