I want to start in the DJ world but I need a controller first... Flx4 vs Hercules 500
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    Default I want to start in the DJ world but I need a controller first... Flx4 vs Hercules 500

    Hi all!!!

    I have been reading different forums and watching tutorials about the most popular controllers which people start to learn with. As what I have seen, the best ones are the Flx4 and Hercules 500 (i have also been suggested to that ones). However, I don't know which is better. The first one is supposed to include Rekordbox whereas the second one doesn't. The Flx4 is around 300$ whereas the Hercules 500 is around 250$. Perhaps you find there are other better options (i don't want to spend too much money on it though).

    Another question... I have also been told that I need headphones and speakers. What do you think about that? Which do you think are the cheapest options for those ones? Do I need something more?

    Thank you

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    Hi there, when starting out as a DJ, having the right basic equipment can make a big difference. The Pioneer DDJ-400 is an excellent entry-level controller that often gets recommended. It comes bundled with Rekordbox DJ software, has useful features like pad FX, and good jog wheels. It retails for about $250 which is very reasonable.

    For headphones, the Audio-Technica ATH-M20x offers great sound quality for under $50. And for speakers, check out the Edifier R1280T powered bookshelf speakers - they provide decent sound for about $100/pair.

    You don't need much more than a controller, software, headphones and speakers to get started! Add in some music and watch some DJ tutorials on YouTube to learn mixing basics. With some practice you'll be on your way.

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