Looking for an "alien" song
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    Default Looking for an "alien" song

    Lot years ago I listened to a song if im not wrong in a yearmix written the title like that: yearmix with some other stuffs on the title like for example 25 yearmix blabla...
    I have it on my playlist like on 2011 or more or less those years..
    Now I want to hear that song again and cant find it, not even the song not even the yearmix...(that would be great finding it apart from the song)

    I tried to find it lots of time, and today I used the IA to try to help me.. this is what I got:

    Your Original Question:
    "I'm looking for a song. It's electronic music. In the song, there's a part where a 'robot' or alien talks/speaks, and they say something like their name is certain, and they introduce their partner, basically telling you they're going to conquer the Earth and won't stop until it's destroyed. (They speak entirely in English)."

    Response 1:
    "The song you are looking for is called 'Centuries of Damn' by the band Death Grips. They are known for their experimental and electronic music. In the song, there's a section where a robotic or alien-like voice talks and introduces their companion, declaring their intention to conquer the Earth and not stopping until it's destroyed."

    Clarification 1:
    "That song you mentioned sounds more like normal music sung by a human, at least at the beginning. The one I'm talking about is pure and heavily electronic, and the voice speaking is like a semi-robotic alien."

    Response 2:
    "I apologize for the confusion in my previous response. It seems I made a mistake in identifying the song. The song you might be looking for could be 'Destroy All Humans' by the artist S3RL. It's an electronic music song featuring a robotic or alien-like voice speaking and declaring their intention to destroy Earth. The song is more electronic in nature and fits the description you provided.

    The thing is that I looked up for the song on youtube and have found nothing. Then tried spotify and cant find exactly the name with the artist.. I find the song but from other artist and its seems this other versions seems to be the song im looking for for the type of electronic genre, but, its no exactly the same and it dosnt have the aliens speaking... Any help??

    Thanks in advance

    Pd.: The song i found similar.. or at least 1 part i think is exact at the minute 1.10 of the song destroy all humans from avance
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