Techno Record pool / experience zip DJ ?
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    Default Techno Record pool / experience zip DJ ?

    Hi all,

    I am a beginner DJ who has the ambition to take my hobby more into the music I like the most: (minimal/melodic) Techno .

    Right now I'm searching for a DJ pool wich has a decent and extensive collection of techno music, since buying every track individually will be quite expensive. Zip DJ claims that they are the only record pool a DJ needs and is the best in it's range. Unfortunately you can't check the specific labels, tracks and artist before signing up to Zip DJ.

    My question is: what is your experience with Zip DJ when it comes to techno music? I'm not looking for the really mainstream tracks only, but also to some specific artist/subgenres. I am curious at your opinion if you are able to find at least some tracks of the artist I like. Artist I prefer are for example Bart Skils, Boris Brejcha, Worakls, Ann Clue, Einmusik, Solee, Charlotte de Witte, Enrico Sangiuliano, Andrea Signore, Maceo Plex, Deborah de Luca, Joyhauser, Keith Carnal, Kevin de Vries, Mark Reeve, Noir, Nur Jabur, Paul Rich, Pig&Dan, Push, Reinier Zonneveld, Sinisa Tamamovic, Stephan Hinz, Tiger Stripes and AKKI. It is a very wide range of techno genres, I am aware of that . Since I can't check what exacly is on Zip DJ, you would really help me out if you can share your opinion / if I can find tracks from those artist! If there are any other good record pools / websites where you can find good techno music, i would appreciate it a lot if you can share that with me.

    My other question is the following. If I subscribe to Zip DJ, I would prefer to subscribe to the 100 downloads per month subscription. If there is a month where I download for example 80 tracks; are the 20 tracks I didn't download that month brought to the next month? So the next month I can download 120 tracks because I did not download the full 100 tracks I've been paying for in the previous month? I know the record pool DMS supports that construction, curious if Zip DJ does the same thing.

    Any tips of where to get your techno music from are very welcome! DMS wasn't a succes for me in this genre. Now I'm using HypeEddit/Soundcloud, but I really have to be lucky to find something nice there.

    Thanks in advance for your respons!

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    Thank you for sharing. I didnĀ“t find anything on Zip DJ in this post, but copypaste my topic here there now.

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