Check out my homemade tape-based analog audio sandbox
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    Default Check out my homemade tape-based analog audio sandbox

    Hello friends! This is my first post. I discovered DJTT several years ago because they did an article about this tape-scratching device I built, but somehow I missed that there was a forum here, until just now. So I figured I'd introduce myself to the forum by sharing a video of some tape-scratching experiments I did with my newest prototype. Hope ya dig it! (FYI, this is actually part two of a two-part video, but this one seemed more applicable to the group.)

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    That is friggin wild...

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    oh yeah I remember seeing this device on djtt years ago. Nice work!! Definitely looks more advanced than it did then; I don't remember the waveform display. Are you just running a gater to get the chirps or are you also manipulating the crossfader as well?
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