Looking for a controller that has 4 knobs and 4 momentary buttons UNDER the jog wheels. (Not above like almost every controller IE S4)

My first ever controller was an M audio xponent.
I built my own traktor script, and have refined it over the last 10 years.
In that time I have built a lot of muscle memory and love my flow, id prefer not to change it. However....

the controller is obviously not supported anymore, and the last drivers are not stable, and can not support certain bit rates.

My favorite part of this controller is that the FX knobs and buttons are located beneath the jog wheels.
I can't (easily) find another controller that has this configuration.
I would love something more current (and supported) that has the 4 knobs and 4 momentary on/off buttons located below the jog wheels, as it is on the xponent.

For now, I use an external soundcard, and I have purchased 6 (yes 6) of this controller for redundancy.
Its a personal choice, I use a lot of beat mash effects, and usually only beat match and skip, not scratch or jog.
I have the jog wheels disabled unless the track is stopped.