Silly Step Sequencer Idea- tell me I'm stupid and steal it.
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    Default Silly Step Sequencer Idea- tell me I'm stupid and steal it.

    Ok, I'm a pure hobbyist but I love this shit- since '99 when I just had vinyl. Here's my dumb idea please tell me if it's possible or how stupid it is BUT make it funny and roast me or I will hunt you down, JK.
    MIDI STEP SEQUENCER - Just for fun let's say it's an Arturia Beatstep(Idk if its possible with this gear but damn I want one) shooing midi data in a sequence of step like it does - instea of those midi notes or CC's or whatever triggering samples in a sampler, could you route them as a generic MIDI controller in let's say Traktor, to control effects and trigger effects in a pleasing rhythmic fashion? Let me have it DJTT forum, long time listener first time caller.

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    Default Why I have been redirected?

    Hello there,

    I have been trying to reply to various threads but it automatically redirect me to the login page as if I am not logged in this is happening in most of the thread.

    Can anyone help me out with this.

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