Hi all,

I own a DJM800 which I have always taken good care of. However I recently started having problems with it. First, the Ch 4 Cue button suddenly stopped working. As I tried figuring out if the push button itself was defective, I realized pressing the "Filter" and Fader Start 4 buttons simultaneously actually engaged the Ch 4 cue, which is odd. This weekend, I also started experiencing problems with Channel 3. I can cue it and can see the channel LED's activity, however no sound is coming out at the Master stage. I checked the cross fader assignment buttons and everything is set to THRU.

I decided running a Diagnostics by putting the mixer into Test mode. In the Key Test, the following buttons failed: Filter, Ch 4 Cue, Fader Start 4. Effect On/Off was also a bit flaky. When I ran the test a second time, the Filter button was flickering. I also noticed that flipping the Ch 3 and Ch 4 source toggle switches causes momentary flickering on some LED's on both Channels.

Furthermore, when running the Meter Test, Ch 4 cue failed, but also noticed that pressing Filter or fader Start 4 made the individual CH 4 LED's light up successively.

All other tests seemed to have passed. In the light of what I just indicated, does anybody have a clue as to what could be the root cause, or what I should be looking at to try fixing it?