Hi, I'm Marcin, a disabled DJ with the stage name "Golden Nose." I suffer from cerebral palsy and mix using my head and nose. I've been playing since 2003, and I've always wanted to DJ with turntables. However, my disability prevents me from doing so. That's why I want to buy the Denon SC5000M, and here's a question for the virtual DJ community: if I buy the Denon SC5000M, will I be able to switch decks on a different controller? I want to load tracks onto the Denon for a specific deck or have the jog wheel work on the active deck in VDJ. I'm asking because I have a very limited range of movements, and I can't reach the touch screen on the Denon. My current setup includes the Maschine Jam, which I've mapped for deck switching and EQ adjustments, and I use the Denon DN SC 2000 for the jog wheel and BPM fader only. I hope I wrote this clearly because my English isn't good.