Send with serano DJ pro midi control change to a guitarist pedalboard
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    Question Send with serano DJ pro midi control change to a guitarist pedalboard

    Hello dear Dj friends!

    I'm a guitarist who have a project with a DJ, and it's a total new world for me ! So I need help and I think it will be useful for others persons.

    So, I will play guitar during a DJ mix on a live performance. My mate is using serano DJ pro. I have a pedalboard, which can be controlled by midi via "control change" (CC) & "Program Change" (PC), it's very useful to automate preset change and focusing the show on the performance.

    I assume this software is not developed for this kind of usage, but maybe there is solution to do that. There is multiple problem to handle, regarding what I already saw with him.

    • The sending of the midi "control change" at a specific timecode or moment of the music. (maybe by using a specific VST if this feature is not exiting by default?)
    • The midi extension device to use, and how to link it with the software (because he is using the DDJ-SX2 and there is no midi out connector)
    • And last point send a metronome in the ear monitor system of the guitarist.

    Thanks A LOT for your help it's a huge project for us

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    Default working on a project with a DJ

    I'm a guitarist working on a project with a DJ, and this is a whole new world for me! I need some help and I believe this information could be useful for others as well.

    I'll be playing guitar during a live DJ mix performance. My friend is using Serato DJ Pro. I have a pedalboard that can be controlled via MIDI using Control Change (CC) and Program Change (PC) messages, which is great for automating preset changes and keeping the focus on the performance.

    I understand that Serato DJ Pro might not be designed for this type of integration, but there might be solutions to achieve what we need. Here are the main challenges I've identified:

    Sending MIDI Control Changes at Specific Timecodes or Moments in the Music?
    Solution: You might need a VST (Virtual Studio Technology) plugin that can be integrated with Serato DJ Pro to send MIDI messages. While Serato DJ Pro doesnít natively support MIDI out for this purpose, you can use a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) like Ableton Live in sync with Serato via Ableton Link to handle MIDI automation.

    MIDI Extension Device and Linking it with the Software:
    Solution: Since the DDJ-SX2 controller doesnít have a MIDI out connector, youíll need a separate MIDI interface. You can use a MIDI USB interface to connect your pedalboard to a computer. Then, use a DAW to send the necessary MIDI CC and PC messages to your pedalboard.

    Sending a Metronome to the In-Ear Monitor System:
    Solution: You can use a separate audio output from your DAW or DJ setup to send a metronome click to your in-ear monitors. In Serato, you can set up a metronome track in your DAW and route the audio output to your monitor system.

    Step-by-Step Implementation

    Setup DAW for MIDI Control and Syncing:
    Connect your DAW (e.g., Ableton Live) with Serato DJ Pro using Ableton Link. This will ensure that both software are in sync.
    In your DAW, create a MIDI track to send CC and PC messages. Set up automation for these messages according to the timeline of your performance.

    Configure MIDI Interface:
    Connect a MIDI USB interface to your computer. Link your pedalboard to this interface.
    Ensure your DAW recognizes the MIDI interface and is set to send MIDI messages to it.

    Routing the Metronome:
    Create a metronome track in your DAW.
    Route the audio output of this track to an audio interface output that connects to your in-ear monitor system.

    Example Workflow

    In Serato DJ Pro:
    Play your tracks as usual. Make sure itís synced with Ableton Live using Ableton Link.

    In Ableton Live:
    Create a MIDI track with automated CC and PC messages for your pedalboard.
    Create an audio track for the metronome, and set it to output to your in-ear monitors.

    During Performance:
    As you play your set in Serato DJ Pro, Ableton Live will be in sync and send the appropriate MIDI messages to your pedalboard at the correct times, and the metronome will keep you in time through your in-ear monitors.

    This setup allows you to seamlessly integrate your guitar performance with the DJ set, automating effects and changes on your pedalboard while staying perfectly in sync with the music.

    Good luck with your project, and enjoy the performance!


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