Hello dear Dj friends!

I'm a guitarist who have a project with a DJ, and it's a total new world for me ! So I need help and I think it will be useful for others persons.

So, I will play guitar during a DJ mix on a live performance. My mate is using serano DJ pro. I have a pedalboard, which can be controlled by midi via "control change" (CC) & "Program Change" (PC), it's very useful to automate preset change and focusing the show on the performance.

I assume this software is not developed for this kind of usage, but maybe there is solution to do that. There is multiple problem to handle, regarding what I already saw with him.

  • The sending of the midi "control change" at a specific timecode or moment of the music. (maybe by using a specific VST if this feature is not exiting by default?)
  • The midi extension device to use, and how to link it with the software (because he is using the DDJ-SX2 and there is no midi out connector)
  • And last point send a metronome in the ear monitor system of the guitarist.

Thanks A LOT for your help it's a huge project for us