Hello hello, I've had a twister for years and always just indulged myself on the gratification and other maps available but I now find myself wanting to create a specific map and am struggling to understand some basics (n00b alert).

I recently moved to Rekordbox from Traktor (that's a different story about lack of vinyl integration on effects in TP3 for another day) and I want to map the FX2 module in Rekordbox to my MFT as there's no functionality on the FLX-10 to control it.

The FX2 multi effect set up has four slots for effects, each slot has something like 12 effects available on my version and when I map the effect selection to a rotary encoder the list scrolling response is too sensitive to the encoder and endless, which makes it rather difficult to readily scroll and stop on the effect I want and easy to knock it to the next whilst it is engaged!

I would like to;
1. Understand how to map the encoder such that one full turn scrolls through the list just once
2. Configure the mapping such that I can scroll back and it will move the exact same number of items in that same rotation
3. Configure the mapping such that each position on the encoder is mapped to specific effect (if possible) or
4. Understand how to map the encoder so that the same effect is selected at the same encoder position (the same as 3 but a slightly different way of phrasing it).

Thanks legends!