Hey there

i want to midimap traktor with my xone 2d. i like to map it myself and not so quickly use a preset. however if you have a good preset to recommend me, that is an option. but for now, i just want to do it myself. In ableton, to midimap, you can press cmd+m and then you can click on things on the screen with your mouse and you will see on your left the name of the function/control. In traktor you need to open a list in the assignment table. I think this is very weird, since i have no idea what all the names of the different things are exactly. so i cannot i assign most since i cannot find it in the list, can you show me a way, to know from each thing i see in the device interface, the name of the function?

By the way i tried to insert a picture, but doesnt work

Thanks so much !

"What are the names of the symbols in traktor 3 for midimapping?"