By using a few excellent open source applications (such as beets, navidrome and Feishin) and with a lot of hard-work, I have built sub-box.

Sub-box is a no installation required cloud service. You import your music collection (drag and drop from your computer file system or export your RekordBox/Serato collection). Sub-box then automatically tags the tracks, fetches album art and meta info etc, and then stores it on a server. You can then stream this music from anywhere on any device (browser/mobile) using a Spotify like UI.

You can then edit playlists, songs etc. You can then download the updated collection and re import it in to your local DJ software (rekordbox or Serato) on your computer ready to export to usb. This also allows you to easily convert to and from Rekordbox and Serato. Itís a great way to have your own personal Spotify using your own audio files that you have complete control over. The image attached shows the UI with the album art, the playlists on the left hand side were imported from what I had set up in rekordbox.

I'm a strong believer in open source software so will be working on making this as open and as inexpensive as possible. There are limited beta trial available for free and I hope to keep it that way for as long as possible. There is no lock in to sub-box. For example, if you have a disorganised collection, then you can simply drag and drop your files in to sub-box, let it organise the tracks for you, tagging them and updating album art, then download your updated collection without any cost.

Iíve tested it on my personal collection of around 1000 tracks and it's worked well. It's been great to have my music available on any device and to have all my tracks automatically tagged with the correct track information and artwork. Iím now looking to roll it out gradually to other users to get feedback. If you're interested in trying it out, you can do so here:

Note that it is still in beta phase - please let me know of any problems!

Going forward, there are many more features I'd like to add, such as adding cue points and playlist sharing.

Below is a short video giving an overview of sub-box.