After waking my windows 10 PC (desktop) my K2 is lit,
per the left state from the used and closed DJ program before sleep.

I start again the DJ software, weather Traktor or VDJ or MIXXX and
no response from the controller.

I need to un- and re-plug the USB cable and then its all good.

Ive tried from the initial USB plug into my monitor integrated USB hub directly on the
computer case USB ports - the same thing.

What is interesting, say if my previous used app was Traktor, if i turn on VDJ, K2 lits up
per the controller mapping definition there, but no response.
Same if i switch to MIXXX. Select the mapping, buttons lit up per the map but no response to anything...


Tried USB Root power management thing - no effect.

Now i wonder if that's relevant since the controller does not
turn off its light when going to sleep, so no power loss there.

I'm guessing it's either the way the controller is or midi driver looses connection...

This gave me an idea... will K2 be outputting sound if configured for sound device after wake up.
It does!

So power is there, audio works, no response from the movement of controls or buttons pressed.

Something with the MIDI.

Someone with K2 and windows (10) computer to try this out?