Problem: I have 2 CDJ 2000 Nexus (not nxs2, just nexus). I can only play by SD as they have the USB port broken, so I cannot update the software either. I commonly download music from Bandcamp and try to use the WAV format. However, my CDJs (2000) do not support files on formats with a higher rate of the following:
Bitdeph: 16
Samplerate: 44.1 Khz
Bitrate: 1411 kbps

The problem is that some music files in wav downloaded from bandcamp are higher (sometimes samplerate is at 96khz, bitrate at 4608 kbps, and bitdepth at 24). So when I try to play these, my CDJs do not read them.

What I am doing to avoid that is to convert audio files to 16bit, 44.1khz, and 1411 Kbps, using Audacity, exporting them in wav.

I would like to know if this has some implications for the audio quality and also if you have similar problems....
Thanks a lot!.