Hey everyone,

I searched for a general thread on blogs but did not find one. Anyway I wanted to let everyone know that my group has started a blog: www.easylovedance.com.

Easy Love is the name of our group, we are a promotions company in Edmonton, Alberta. The brand Easy Love only launched this summer, however as a group we have been together for around a year now. And to give some perspective, I've been a reader of DJTT from the very start, before we even had a forum and I've been using a VCI since it launched pretty much.

Anyway what's interesting as a promoter and a DJ running a blog is that we get to meet many artists in person and are in contact with labels, booking agents and so forth - meaning we can truly deliver exclusive content from the get-go.

So back to this thread, if you were in my shoes, what kind of articles would you post on our blog? Right now we're going to post some interviews in the near future with Designer Drugs and Fukkk Offf who we are bringing to Edmonton in 2010. On that note, what questions would you like to see asked, especially as we are a more specialised community. It's so-so to ask run-of-the-mill questions in interviews, but me personally, I would rather ask "are you using any MIDI translation in your Ableton setup?" etc.

Cool so I just thought I would like to gather some input in hopes of benefiting the DJTT community as well as benefiting my group through exposure.

Furthermore if you do have any questions in regards to promotions or how to get your foot in the door etc. please don't hesitate to ask.