Ok, Just a few hopefully painless questions.

Im Running TP 1.2.1

1. I no longer see the Yellow anyalise bar run across the track when loaded?? is this something to do with my prefrences or maybe the TSI file im using for my VCI SE??

2. Once I have imported a track form Itunes and have played it, it will become apart of my collection, I have noticed that I am loosing my star rating from itunes in TP after track has been played!

3. Once I have beatmapped a track, can I later remove Beatmarker from Cue points, will this effect beat mapping?

4. My BPM columb within TP dosnt update once I have set a beatgrid, does this have to be manually updated in Itunes??

im searching posts and what not at the moment searching for answers< however Im rolling around in the middle of the Atlantic Atm, So my connection keeps dropping out. Any help is greatly appreciated.