I want to Midi Hack a Voice Synthesizer
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    Default I want to Midi Hack a Voice Synthesizer

    I have a TC-Helicon Voice Synthesizer that I want to turn into a midi controller.

    It has two monophonic synth sounds that are amazingly cool, and it's awsome to control them just by singing. Imagine all that would be possible for live performances.

    Here's a link to the Voicetone Synth page-

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


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    Dude if i understand you clearly, you want to send midi messages corresponding to your vocal notes using that unit?!

    If so amazing idea, even thou that thing may have inspired it i wouldn't be quick to tare it apart, you can probably make it happen without even using it!

    First get a mic & recording interface, or simply a USB mic,
    download Antares AutoTune (which detects your voice in graphical notes)
    next find sick Vocorder VST's then program AutoTunes' detected notes to hit the relative vocorder keys..or a synths keys.. or any instruments you desires keys

    It would be damn hard to get the proper timbre and tone, getting your vocals translated into a instrument even roughly would be sick.

    assign the instruments/vocorder/or effects parameters and you've got a midi with you as part of the controller.

    If i was a programmer id get on this for sure!
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