Mix video with the Oxygen 8 - if anyone's interested...
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    Default Mix video with the Oxygen 8 - if anyone's interested...

    I was bored this boxing day, so I decided to make a video utilising as many of my Oxygen mapping's FX capablities as possible over 4 songs. I'll make a more streamlined and tidy mix to showcase them once i can be bothered to put a routine together - but for now, here's a fuckabout video

    Since it's one minute too long for youtube (damn those guys...) i've uploaded it to Vimeo, which can't be embedded unfortunately.

    Thus, check it out here: http://www.vimeo.com/8399842 I know it's a pain in the balls to click open another tab... but i'd appreciate you guys' thoughts

    Happy holidays,
    You're friendly neighborhood Belch x

    EDIT: haha just watching it back, and it's pretty fucking messy at the beginning - hang in there though, as towards the end it gets quite tidy (as the last 3 songs I'm more used to)

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    Hey man, just watched the video. Quite fun to watch actually; it reminds me to do more with cuepoints . As you said, the mix can be a bit messy at times, but I believe this will be better in the final version
    Check out my work!

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    FMJ is just such a nice intro-song. I fell for it during one of my last remixes as well. Great job on the video, reminds me of the way I work. Mixer to the left and Oxy to the right
    Nice vid!
    This reminds me that I am way too lazy. Need to tweak the Oxy-TSI to fit my needs and reword the Lemur-Layout to incorporate 4 Decks, the new Mixer-State-Messages and 4 effekt-slots.
    I mix stuff on my things...

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