Need some immediate help....anyone!!!
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    Default Need some immediate help....anyone!!!

    Hey whats up everyone, Im having a problem with my set up and I need some help fixing it quick because I am dj'ing at a house party tonight...My set up was working just fine up until I added a tks file for a korg nano pad....I have 2 technics, vci 100 se, and a my problem is I lost all my playlist, I can't seem to switch the box where it says "Cue, cup" to absolute and relative move for my turntables....if theres anyone out there that can help, i'd greatly appreciate it..

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    .tks indicates you are using an old version of Traktor Scratch. If you click the down arrow under the deck letters you can select absolute or relative mode. Not sure why you've lost all your settings, but your playlists should be in the same file structure they were in before.

    Sorry can't help further but haven't used that version of the software for over a year.
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