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    Default moved due to wrong section!: newbie needs help

    hey guys im really new to djing and bought the vestax vci 100 so i could use traktor scratch pro and work on mixes, but im having nothing but probs sound wise now maybe this is the wrong section so please forgive me for that,

    basicaly i have set my traktor up originally with asio4all controlling my audio as it was the only way to correct audio latency issues, using my realtek hd internal soundcard. so i hooked up some basic logitech speakers to turn up the volume as my tv speakers are pretty lame tho i cant seem to set it up so that i can use headphones as well i can only get all of the sounds coming through one channel i fannied around with the audio output settings and only get a couple of options i've tried them all unplugged and replugged and experiemented to hell i even have an external creative sound card which i plugged in and still no join can only select rear outputs 0-8 no/ front on traktor

    please help techtools users your my only hope

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    To precis my answer on your crosspost.
    1) Intrnl sndcrd nly hs 1 chnnl
    2) Crtv sndcrd s rlly rlly sht

    I thank you
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