Best Cheap Sound Card for Hercules Steel
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    Default Best Cheap Sound Card for Hercules Steel

    I am looking to buy the Hercules Steel and want to know what is the best cheap sound card to buy to use with it. I am on a Windows 7 64bit laptop. I would like to spend around $50 if possible and will only by using it to do some stuff in my room.

    Will any sound card I buy allow me to do headphone monitoring?

    Also, does the Hercules RMX work with Windows 7 64 bit?


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    depends on which program you are wanting to use.. i'll take a punt and say traktor of some flavour, in that case i would stretch out your budget and get yourself an NI Audio2 DJ... honestly you will thank yourself down the track. one day you might play on something bigger than your bedroom system.

    as for your other question, wouldnt have the slightest idea whatsoever

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    I use a Stanton Scratch Amp and it allows me to Headphone monitor. Just look for any sound card that has a headphone port. You do the mapping for what counts as monitor in the program.
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    even a 1 channel soundcard could have a headphone jack. it's better to look at the specs and see how many ins/outs the soundcard in question and if it has enough channels for cueing.

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