Best midi controler?
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    Default Best midi controler?

    I want to add a midi controller to my pc and vci setup
    I am looking for something that will do multiple cue points for cue point juggling, select/control effects in traktor pro, and play prerecorded samples and loops (and be able to switch back and forth between loops, cues, and effects throughout a set).
    There are a few controllers I have been eyeing…
    1. Ean’s alternative to the lemur
    2. akai mpd24
    3. or combination of the korg nano control and nano pad
    I am wondering what the best midi/combination of midi controllers is for my mixing?
    If anyone has advice or experience with these controllers please let me know I want to employ them into my future sets.

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    M-Audio Oxygen 8 v2. It might be old, but you can map it to do most of the features of most no-fader/jog wheel controllers. The keys could serve as cues and samples like in a mpd24, and with a foot switch you could trigger FX combos. The top nobs are loop controls and beat mashers. I really don't see the need for a DJ to pay top bank for anything else.

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