How About this for a Controller, WOW!!
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    Default How About this for a Controller, WOW!!

    I saw this and definitely had to share it on this forum. The Software is called Emulator and is basically a touch interface that integrates with Traktor and a multi-touch screen. The screen used on this demo, I believe is DIY built by the people at Emulator. I just can't imagine how much fun it would be to DJ on a screen like this.

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    The Emulator software found on this link can be purchased to use on a muti-touch screen tablet.

    I was completely amazed by this software and touch technology.Let me know what you guys think
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    On a screen like that it looks like a lot of fun. But on the 12" touchpad screen most people would have access to I'm not so sure. The question I have is whether this has to be on the computer running traktor or if it is for an external controller a la the ipad (though I know this won't run on ipad). It would be badass if the waveforms can be exported to another screen like that for a new midi controller....

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