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    Default Audio set up question for traktor using headphones and speakers????

    Hey guys! I have a question about how to set up the output routing in traktor 3 so that i can practice my beatmatching using headphones and speakers only. I do not have a soundcard yet. So here is the set up:

    **I have my macbook pro with traktor.
    **A 2-way splitter with my headphones in one jack...and my speakers in the other jack connected to my mac.
    **And my vci-100 connected to mac by usb

    I would like to practice my beatmatching using the speakers as the master. And preview tracks with the headphones. And not hear the tracks im previewing out of the speakers until i blend up. But I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get it to work this way through traktor. Any suggestions on the audio setup? Can it be done this way without a soundcard???

    Thx again in advance

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    You need a soundcard, if you check the forums you can find some good price soundcards. Just browse around the site and youll find a tone of information regarding soundcards. Also, Ean made a video about them. Just search for his videos on youtube.
    Thank Ya!!!

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