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    Default CDJ 800 as a Traktor controller?

    I've been searching for any guides on how to get the internal midi messages inside the pioneer cdj 800's, but didn't find any.
    A lot of people have an old cdj 800 or 1000 laying around. Traktor scratch duo2 would be one of the options, but costs like 1000,-

    I wonder if it's possible to open up an old cdj 800, disable the cd player, get all the wires reconnected to go to a new midi or usb output.
    Essential functionality would be, scratch, pitch-bend, pitch, pitch range select, play, cue, loop in and out.

    From what I've read the technique inside the old cdj's is the same as any other controller on the market. E.g. the S4, vci 300's and others.

    touching the platter should give a 'note on' message.

    Additional material would be used to connect the cdj to a pc. preferably directly via midi.

    If my guess is right, the cdj's allready work with internal midi messages that would be relatively easy to translate to messages that work with Traktor.

    My fear is, I've searched and find no evidence of people even attempting this project.

    I hope one of you can give me some advise on this.

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    didn't they invent time code cd's for this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eataskdotcom View Post
    didn't they invent time code cd's for this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by georgiedekker View Post
    Traktor scratch duo2 would be one of the options, but costs like 1000

    TSD2 will cost 349, pro 599.
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    theres no way to use a cdj-800 to control traktor other than timecode. You could pick up a second hand TSD right now for under 200, then all you'll need to do is buy a serial for tsd2 or tsp2

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