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    Default Cortex dmix 600 - how to get full search menu to appear on both decks?


    I've just got the DMIX 600. I downloaded the cortex database manager and created a database on a memory stick after dragging and dropping the music files I wanted to play onto it first (they were MP3s on my computer in a folder). I plugged the memory stick into the DMIX 600 and it worked fine, and the full search terms appeared on both decks. I repeated the process using a new seagate 500Gb external desktop hard drive and for some reason the full search terms only appear on one deck (i.e. search title, search artist, search genre, search bpm etc). The other deck displays only the following three options: playlists, file browser and setup menu - nothing else. I've tried lots of different things like adding the music after creating the database but no joy - it simply won't display the full search menu on both sides. Even after verifying the database as the instructions tell you to whilst on the computer.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a way round it? As far as I can see, the only way round it is to create a temporary database using the dmix 600 itself - but this is not ideal as you can't use the computer software at all to create playlists, waveforms etc because to do this you have to create a database on the drive on the computer and as soon as you do this and plug it back into the dmix 600 the search terms disappear from one deck. Strangely, after inserting the memory stick into the dmix it asks if you want to verify the database but this doesn't happen with the external hard drive - it just goes straight to the menu when you click on it. Any help appreciated!


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    Firmware on this product doesn't show any update since 1998, so this is a bad purchase for anyone running programs from 2000 on. One reason this question hasn't been answered since March 2011.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolfox369 View Post
    Firmware on this product doesn't show any update since 1998, so this is a bad purchase for anyone running programs from 2000 on. One reason this question hasn't been answered since March 2011.
    You probably meant 2008. This product wasn't available until 2007.
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    Default Yes

    Yes, I mistyped, the product has firmware of 2008 listed and I have searched high and low for an upgrade to the 2008 firmware and have not found any. Contacting the manufacturers of Cortex is a joke.

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    TOP TIP: Whenever you buy kit, contact the tech support of the company who makes the product, to see what they are like. If you can't find a phone number, and your email isn't answered after, say, a week, then think long and hard if you could deal with that if your shiny new toy broke! If you do get an answer, say that your unit is not working, and judge how good they are from their response.
    This can save you a lot of hassle (or cause a lot if the item you had your eye on has non-existent tech support!).
    Annoyingly, I didn't follow my own rule on my last purchase, and am really starting to regret it!!

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