Critics, advices and opinon needed (Electro House)
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    Default Critics, advices and opinion needed (Electro House)

    Hi guys,

    I was wondering if you could review my september mix, I need to know what to improve to take my DJing skills to the next level.

    Thanks in advance
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    Bringing this up, i would really love to know what you think.

    btw here's the tracklist
    Sergent Baptista and Sergent Doakes acapella from Dexter series
    Calvin Harris - Awooga (ANT remix)
    Lucky Date - Ho's and Disco's (Space Laces remix)
    The S - Underdog (Original mix)
    Mike Noize, Rayto - Pianomelody (Original mix)
    Mikkas - Syndrome (Original mix)
    Porter Robinson - Unison (Knife Party remix)
    Skrillex - Bangarang (UNRELEASED)

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    I listened to your mix today while taking a shower. I listened on the Milwaukee/Rockford Fosgate Jobsite radio, which rendered your mix in relatively low fidelity, but loudly, with punchy bass. Here's my feedback.

    - Your intro was pretty nice, I like a mix which starts with a sample and your first track was appropriately intro-ey. I found myself zoning out before starting my shower routine as a result.

    - I don't like how many builds and breakdowns progressive electro house (as in the first few tracks) has. This is not really your fault. Man it must be exhausting in the club, to throw your hands in the air 3 times every 7 minutes or whatever? heh.

    - The mix at 4:18 is awkward both phrasing wise and harmonically. You have the high end in on both records? Very "busy" up there. Same mix is still awkward when you complete it at 5:20 or so.

    - Mix around 12:50 is also a bit harmonically weird for me.

    - That Knife Party remix is pretty damn banging. And I am not especially into brostep. Also I think your last two tracks are much more brosteppy than "electro house" but I am definitely not an expert?

    Thanks for posting and keep at it!
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    First of all, thank you very much for the review, and let me comment/explain point by point.

    I'm glad you liked the intro, it was mainly a reference to Dexter series fan, it's just one of the funniest scene in this show

    Well, i like some breackdowns, when i'm Djing in public it's not in club, but more like festivals etc, so I'm not really in the "background", it's more like a show. And because i want my drops to feel MASSIVE, i like to have peace breacks and insane buildups till drop comes almost like a relief, when pple can unleash all they got. I'm not finding excuses, and maybe i got too much breackdowns, but i like my sets to be like a rollercoaster, not like a highway.

    About the 4:23 to 4:29 part, what's fun is that i had the exact same feedback from a friend, i guess even if the 2 melodies are both beautiful, there isn't enough room in the mid and trebble to mix them at the same levels.
    Any idea different from "don't mix them" to make this transition less messy and busy ?
    Maybe a low pass on one and a high pass on the other ? I don't really know how to handle theses "too harmonic" moments.

    About the last tracks, i asked if this subgenre had a name, and all i received in return was anger and hate because "you kids want to create 25480385 sub genres.."
    If you wanna go check it :

    So i classify it as electro house, with more swag, like if Mr Dubstep and Mrs Electro had a baby

    Once again, thank you for the review, i sincerly appreciate the effort, and feel free to share to friends/forums/whatever
    And if you want me to give my opinion on anything (track/mixes/remixes) it would be a pleasure to help.

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