Here it is the X1 All in One 4 deck Mapping nhl mode Via Andre Leite but adjusted to work for Traktor Pro 2,
Mixer mapping in midi mode split in two parts left half being deck a/c right half being deck b/d from top to bottom as follows top 8 knobs first top 2 are high eq. with the button next to them high kill, next 2 knobs are mid eq. with the button next to them are mid kills, next 2 knobs are low eq. with the button next to them are low kills, next 2 knobs are filter knobs withe button next them for turning on the filter. Rotary knobs below are deck vol. knobs pushing in the volume knob will change all knobs above and that rotary knob to control the next deck. Fx buttons from left to right monitor cues a,b,c,d. Next set of rotary knobs left knob controls monitor vol. right knob is x fader.
Midi Fighter instant grat. mapping
Instant grat. mapping is also in midi mode and effects the 16 buttons at the lower half of the x1 and needs you to load the the controller editor file included. The top 4 buttons will route the effects to a deck left to right a,b,c,d. all buttons below these buttons will react same as the midi fighter instant grat. mapping.
Here is a pic of the 4 deck mapping by. Andre Leite