Using Traktor With Winamp Visualizer...
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    Default Using Traktor With Winamp Visualizer...

    So i got this idea of using a visualizer after i read an article on digitaldjtips site about visualizers. i really love the milkdrop visualizer for winamp, its one of the best ones out there. im not much of a tech guy, so trying to figure out how to get my s4's sound routed to the computer then into winamp seemed like quite the task for me lol. anyways, i of course used the laptop's line in, and routed the S4 into that. then changed the file type to linein:// on winamp.

    After randomly messing with some audio device settings on the laptop and on Traktor Pro 2, i finally got sound that was synced with the visuals (or uhh visuals that synced with the sound lol whatever.) anyways, i have the laptop's display extended to my tv, and then i have winamps visuals to be displayed on the tv only. my only problem now is getting rid of some kind of hissing sound which i assume is from the line in on the laptop also acting as a mic at the same time, its annoying and i dont know how to fix that =(

    here it is in action:

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    Nice! I wish there was a way to do something like that as simply and cheaply for mac.

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