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Thread: jog grips?

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    Default jog grips?

    i bought those jog grips from the store when they first came out but have since removed them from my vci because the sides kept peeling up. i did like the look and feel of them though. i read somewhere on the forum a while back that ean/djtt was looking for a new adhesive for these grips...any news on that? i'd sure like to have some new ones. i suggest making the 2nd batch not as wide as the first thereby allowing more touch-sensitive surface area.
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    I didn't like them either. Check out what it says in the DTT store when you click on jog wheels. I'm going to take them off soon once I remember to get Goo Gone from the store.
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    We are working on a new adhesive for the jog grips as with the last batch the glue would never dry as it reacted with the rubber. If you feel unhappy with your jog grips mail orders at and we can work something out to make your not displeased with the money you have spent.

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