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    Default Allen & Heath: K2 mapping

    Hi. I have finished a mapping for the Allen & Heath: K2, which I'd like to get road tested by some of you.
    I'm unsure whether it's worth posting on the midi maps part of the site, or get it kinda 'beta' tested first.

    It is pretty simple really. I have set it up to be use with the x1 with two decks, and with an extra two decks if required, via the k2.

    So A/D are for the internal mixer (using the x1) and C/D decks control & fx are on channel 2/3

    This means I can take just the k2 if I want one conteolleer and two deck support, or.
    Both controllers for 2/4 deck control.

    I've mapped the led's alongside the controls to make full use of the k2's visual feedback.

    So if it's worth getting it tested drop me a line and I'll give you a link. If you think just put it up then I'll submit it later!


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    Just post the files up I will give it a go for you.
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