Did I get a good deal on these speakers?
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    Default Did I get a good deal on these speakers?

    So I'm just starting out DJing and have been looking for some speakers for under $1000. Originally I was looking at thumps but after reading about them a lot, I decided to just check out Craigslist and look for a used pair. I was looking on Craigslist for a month or two and came across two QSC HPR 153i Series 3-Way that were about 3 years old for $850. Starting to get impatient, I jumped on them. I tested them out for about 30 minutes and they sounded amazing and there's still 6 years left on the warranty. Obviously there were some normal scratches and scuffs on the exterior but nothing major. I'm in the process of setting them up now at my place and I feel like I got a decent deal because of the price tag they had when they were new. I'm wondering if anyone had experience with these and whether I got a good deal...and if they will hold their value...

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    those look like solid workhorses. I think you got a good deal. If you are happy with the sound, then it's all good.

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    QSC are good speakers, assume you use them for PA and loud playback, for studio use they are not applicable.
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    Totally a good deal.

    Just not a good deal for your back... lol. These are really suited more towards permanent install than mobile use.

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