TRAKTOR KONTROL z2 portable mixer for live shows
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    Default TRAKTOR KONTROL z2 portable mixer for live shows

    The known djs choose the equipment you want to operate, since the others are subject to what they find in the cabins as they go. With the advancement of technology equipment dj are increasingly diverse and portable and therefore various types of performances are possible.
    All djs like to play as your favorite mixer, which will be in the future every dj will take your equipment to the show, and the standard club mixer ceased to exist? Sera traktor kontrolz2 portable mixer for live shows and so not to become dependent on the equipment of the Club!

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    I've noticed a trend of first look reviews for awesome gear almost always being in a language very few people speak. Looks like solid coverage though, for those who speak Hebrew.

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    I liked the video image, could see a bit better what this mixer is the native instruments.

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