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    Default Technics all the way... my SL-family is growing !

    After owning a set of American Audio HTD4.5 (aka SuperOEM) for 5 years, I got bored with them and managed to sell them for 375 euro (I payed 350 5 years ago and kept the banana carts).

    Then I wanted to refurb a set of technics. I have already have 1 mint SL1200 (1979) & 1 mint (in the box) 1210 (2008). I want to keep these mint & stock....

    I went looking and managed to grab a set of technics for 250 euro
    No dustcover and paintwork was scratched, platter faded, needle lamp burned.... the usual dj set
    After small inspection...all seemed to work well, so I bought them.

    Checking them again at home....technical & inside was perfect, no missing parts, no damage... SCORE !
    I disassembled both units and made a shopping list:

    • 2 tone arms silver (the originals are ok, but these players have to be perfect)
    • 2 dust filters fader
    • 1 metal ball for on/off
    • 2 pitch ornaments black
    • 2 missing screws

    Only 110 euro for the whole list

    After receiving the package, I had a fun weekend

    To do:

    • cleaning/removing dust on parts & PCB's
    • polish platters & spindles
    • disassembly faders, cleaning, removing center click, lubing & assembly + disable pitch lock & stock calibration
    • removing auto start wires
    • changing needle lamp & stock leds (strobe, picth & 33/45) for white leds... (SMD's for the 33/45 leds @ 450 mcd)
    • changing 2 tone arms + upgrade stock wires with cardas
    • internal grounding mod
    • changing stock RCA with short female plugs
    • refurb one set of feet (remove awfull DIY repair glue, prep rubber & apply new glue)

    The decks went to a professional sprayer for blasting, primer, sanding, 4 coats 2K (grey-black) & varnish (satin).

    Still waiting on the delivery of the white pitch leds (2x5mm white ones with low mcd are very hard to find), but besides that everything is done...


    250 euro (purchase set SL's)
    110 euro (technics parts)
    150 euro (paint job)
    20 euro (leds, ....)

    Total: 530 euro


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    I love to refurb old but awsome gear...that you can buy really cheap now

    My next projects: Rodec MX180 mkIII

    EQ & sound is fantastic and build like a tank (& modular)...for only 175 euro.
    And it sounds better then my Xone

    Some work (more like elbow grease -> cleaning) and I have to change a few knobs... small investment for this great piece (retail @ 1200 euro)

    And I have 2 old but working amps (200/300-ish watt but old & gold sound, 100 euro for the pair)

    Bell 5005
    Rodec Disco Max

    They also will be refurbished to mint condition, so I will be posting more often in the next few weeks...

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    Looks great, i just painted my 1200 gloss blue...I did it myself BUT took my time. Looks like blue I need a more rugged set like what you did b/c i'm paranoid about scratching my beautiful 1200's...
    --> (2) silver 1200 mk2, (1) Vestax pdx 2000's, TSP2, Rokit 5 Monitors, MacBook Pro <--

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    I picked up a 3rd 1210 off gumtree for 150....on top of that the guy threw in a CDJ200 for free because 'it was taking up room and he couldnt be arsed selling it on ebay'

    bargain of the year, the 1210 was missing the power switch cap which i replaced and other than that its mint...the CDJ has a small crack in the back, but works 100% ok...ive no need for it, but wasnt going to say no to free equipment...
    Traktor Scratch Pro 2.7, MBP 13", iPad 2 & TouchOSC, Allen & Heath Xone 1D, Pioneer DJM900, Pioneer CDJ800 x2, Technics SL1210MK2 x2, Pioneer DDJ-SX2 w/ Serato DJ 1.7.1

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    Great job! I recently did the same, save for the paintwork. I had a local shop powder coat them in wrinkle black finish. Very rewarding.

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    Sweet rebuild there, looking sharp, they go nicely with the X:92R (I'm actually drooling a bit)

    I really, really have to start looking for Techs regularly, getting tired of the weak motor on my vestax.

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    I am jealous of your collection and your know-how. Help me with miiiiiine :P

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    Thanks for posting fella's !
    Great eye on the 92r....i'm a sucker for analogue & rotary...great sound and no match for 900/DB's (IMHO!)
    Also have a 909 but haven't used it in a looong time (but awsome mixer none the less, best 2 channel you can get besides maybe a Rane).

    Another refurb weekend commin' up...and will take lot's of pictures

    Bell Professional 5005 amp (vintage disco amp, OEM Fostex Model 600, 1984 - 200/300 watt )
    I suspect only cleaning a respraying top deck...offset was less then 3 mV !!!!

    Rodec MX180mkIII (4 channel mixer, no frills or stuff...just the best EQ in the world...and I've owned a loooot of mixers)
    Awsome mixer from a Belgian company, needs some TLC, cleaning & soldering work + new faders & replace some knobs...) Going to try to score another deck plate and attempt a rotary mod.

    Rodec Disco Max (vintage disco amp, 340 watt, 1979 in mint condition but inside/electronics need work)


    1979, my magic number (year of birth)...I developed a habit of buying vintage gear from that year.
    This resulted from a quest that took my a while to accomplish.

    Building a TOTL Technics sound system from 1979 (max 100 euro/piece + mint + exception for CD player & speakers)

    I ended up with:

    SL1200 MKII (early production)

    ST-8080 & ST-9038
    PA141523.JPG st-9038t.JPG


    SL-P770 + RC

    B&W DM12 + DM14
    DM-14_______-F-001-906-BAW.jpg DM12.jpg

    All mint, below 100 euro/piece & build & sold in 1979 (except cd-player)
    What do you mean, Technics addict
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    Ahhh....a '79er!!!

    APC80:STR8-100's+Ortofon Concorde Scratch\Electro:ButterRugz:TSP2-NI Audio4DJ:Xone22+Innofader:MacBook Pro 15"

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