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    I just purchased a VCI-100 and I'm trying to upgrade the firmware but when I plug in the cable to USB it says "New Hardware Found". I'm doing this on a friends PC as I am a mac user. Should I click OK to install new hardware? When I try the device manager steps it doesn't show up as a COM port because it says new hardware needs to be installed.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    this "new hardware found" thing installs the drivers for the vci itself, which imo is kinda useless since you're not going to use the vci on our friends pc

    to upgrade, plug in the serial cable onto the firmware unit and in the PC, then connect the vci to the pc and switch it on. now it should be in boot mode, which is easily to recognize cause there are no lights switched on.
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    Are you plugging the VCI-100 into one of your friends USB ports, or the USB to serial cable ?

    The USB to Serial cable does need drivers installed to work, so you should go ahead and do that.
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