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    Default Problem: Internal Mode with External Mixer - Only Left Channel Plays

    Hey everyone --

    My setup:

    I have the B-52 Matrix v2 1000, Ecler Nuo 2.0, Echo Audiofire 4, VCI-100SE Ean Golden Edition, Traktor Pro.


    I'm trying to use my external mixer to hookup my digital setup to my speakers but the problem is only the left channel and therefore speaker works.

    My Traktor Settings: Internal Mode

    Output Monitor: 1, 2
    Output Master: 3,4

    At the club, all I have to do is run a cable from output 3 (a master output) into one channel on the club mixer. But when I do that with my own speakers only the left speaker plays. I have tested everything to make sure all inputs/outputs and speakers work. Both speakers work when I run a cable from my mixer to my computer headphone jack but only left channel plays when I play out of Traktor/Audiofire 4.

    What am I missing so that both speakers play through Traktor/Audiofire 4?

    Thanks for you help - I have my first private party tomorrow.
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    Just 1 ideas of possible issues

    1.-Maybe Traktor is panned to the left speaker... test this: -When you use another music playback software with this same setup do you get both speakers playing? If this is the case Traktor is panned or the soundcard configuration is incorrect and maybe you set it to Mono or using wrong Master outputs inside traktor.

    When you cue in your headphones connected to the mixer do you listen both sides?

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    Some soundcard outputs start at zero, not 1, so you might need 0,1,2,3 and not 1,2,3,4 which could cause your issue. Check the outputs list again and check.
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    How you fix your problem?

    I have the same situation...

    Using VCI 100, VAI-80 (Tank), MacBook Pro with Traktor.

    Can anybody help?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ceezo66 View Post
    Hey everyone --

    Output Monitor: 1, 2
    Output Master: 3,4

    At the club, all I have to do is run a cable from output 3 (a master output) into one channel on the club mixer.
    Huh? If you are sending one output channel to a mixer you are playing mono - left channel only. That would explain why you are getting only the left channel doing the same thing at home. Playing out, you should connect 3 and 4 and they should be panned full left and right respectively. At home, you should do the same on your external mixer.
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