[Electro] Trying to finish my first song, feedback appreciated!
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    Default Trying to finish my first song, feedback appreciated!

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    dang.. way better than my first song. don't know much about production, so I'll just say.. good job!
    it sounds like you sampled "No Problem" by Chase and Status for your intro stab
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    Overall it's a bit minimalistic for me, but there is a lot of stuff in there I REALLY like - the drums hit hard, the bass is just there, and the electronic riff really sets an atmosphere.

    In terms of feedback, I really think you should feature more of that riff, and build it into the drop in some way. Alternatively, this would make a good "progressive" style song that builds chorus by chorus.
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    I really think this is a great start for you if this is your first track...my only advice is too keep at it no matter how frustrating the production process may get at times.

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