So I really don't know if this forum is a good place to ask this, but I don't know really where else to ask. Hopefully someone on here knows how to use ShowExpress.

This is probably a really simply question with a really simple answer.

I have an apc40, and I have led par cans. I'm trying to control the dimmer of the par cans with one of the faders on my apc40. So I made a light scene with the dimmer of the par cans selected, added that light scene to a button on the live panel, changed that button to a fader button, mapped the fader button to one of the faders on my apc40, but when I go to fade up or down the par can just turns on or off with regards to if the button is "on" or "off".

does any body know how to actually use the fader buttons in chauvet showexpress? can someone help me get mine working?

If my question was confusing, just ask for some clarification.

thanks in advance!