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    Default Did my vci-100 actually update?

    Hi all finaly got enough courage to try update my unit and was wondering if it

    i followed the steps downloaded the everything, as it was flashing to 1.3 with the software it did say complete i think or something like that, i cant remember and i forgot to take a screen shot!

    but when in traktor pro i can use the fourth fx knob when clicked on A an B without it turning on the Cue button, does this mean that i have a 1.3 unit?

    i also layed the overlay an everything looks great, just would like to make sure its updated


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    Sounds like you have 1.3

    You can confirm this by reading the thread stickied in this forum titled "What firmware do i have?"

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    ive read it and cant realy confirm yet, also if i boot into 1.2 to check how do i boot into 1.3 again

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    It defaults to 1.3, just power cycle the unit and it will start up in 1.3.

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    cool, thanks im pretty sure that i have 1.3 i just got confused as i didnt know if pushing both scratchs at the same time in 1.3 would turn off jog wheels all good now

    quick question when trying to use the effects when i push the effect button on the vci, ive noticed that they are not the same as the ones on the overlay where do i go into to change the them so that they are or should i reload the tsi? if so what boxs do i tick thanks heaps almost working perfectly

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