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    Default Help Important - My Vci100 SE - switches off 10-15 times a night to 7 hours.

    Help important!

    My vci 100 se with firmware 1.3, switches off from 10-15 times a night to 7 hours.

    When I turn on and off the works again to go out. All light LEDs are still light, even when it switches off. The sound is not affected by it.

    User Macbook (white) and tractor pro version 1.2, has loaded the latest tsi file from dj tech tools

    Have tried to change cable, but the problem is still there

    hope you could help .... Because it is important for me to trust my vci.

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    maybe its a power issue. From memory (I'm not home right now), there's an optional power adapter you can plug behind the vci. My theory is that maybe the usb cord isnt feeding enough power to the vci.

    Or, it could be a really more dramatic problem, on the hardware side.

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