Here is a picture of my still in progress totally guitar based DAW controller/instrument.

I have been writing a Bome Midi Translator program that turns MIDI button presses into mouseclicks and physical key commands that I put together to control Reason. It is finally functional in a basic form but it still has a couple of bugs. I haven't even incorporated the two Orbits yet, but they will soon be cooking. One f them I think will just be a huge "sound bank" customizer for the sounds/instruments triggered by my midi pickup, the other will be a controller for step sequencers and drum patterns and stuff.

I have a source audio hot hand usb that I have set up with a shift key next to each track on the launchpad. If I have recorded audio onto a track, and I press and hold the round button next to it, then the hot hand takes over the volume and pan just by moving my hand up and down and twisting left and right in the air!! Pretty sweet.
Was totally inspired to get one of them from Mad Zachs review btw! Now I have an endorsement deal with Source Audio!!

Been yearning to try out a Twister in place of the two orbits..... but with orbits being wireless and 50$ a pop I just haven't taken the leap. Speaking of which, I also am thinking about sneaking a leap motion on there somewhere....

Anyway check it out, oh yeah, and if anybody knows a way to make a strap that could more evenly distribute the weight of this thing over both of my shoulders... I would gladly listen to any suggestions.


Jacobius Wrex

wrex guitar.pdf
wrex guitar2.pdf