Numark TotalControl -Traktor 3 Mapping "Xone-Like"
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    Default Numark TotalControl -Traktor 3 Mapping "Xone-Like"

    Hi everyone, this my first post on this forum.

    I wanted to share my TotalControl MIDI Mapping. What I intended to do is simulate a Xone:92 EQ + Xone:1D basic functions on a tiny totalcontrol. It is highly inspired from Richie Hawtin's set up It is also highly inspired from Richie Hawtin's set up ( My goal is to reproduce the same functionnalities of a Xone:92 + 1D controller but for 2 channels only.

    I havn't made a demonstration video with the details of the mapping (my english is horrible), just 2 pictures (one for each Midi page). The second Midi Page has lots of free space, feel free to add your own stuff on it.

    Check the pictures for the MIDI map numbers:

    - 4 band Equaliser: 13, 16, 18, 20 for deck A // 14, 17, 19, 21 for deck B (Gain knob got deleted, I advise to add it on page 2).

    - The effects are activated with the pitch Faders (11 and 12). It also modify the amount. The 3 other parameters are modified with the top Knobs (0-2 for deck A, 4-6 for deck B) and buttons (49, 50, 57 for deck A // 53, 54, 61 for deck B).

    - Loops activated in each deck by a button (Deck A: 73, Deck B: 77), lenght modified with a knob (Deck A: 3, Deck B: 7) and loops can be mooved with two buttons (backward/forward: 65/66 and 69/70).

    - The pitch faders are also removed. Use sync (64 and 71) and Phase synch 58 and 62 (shoot me if you want ).

    - To acces MIDI Page #2, simply hold "Shift" (button 72).

    - The 2 parts of the console are the same, each one assigned to Deck A and B.

    Any improvement suggestions are welcome. I also did my best with the LEDs, if you see some mistakes just let me know, i'll fix 'em.
    I hope my mapping pictures are understandable. Enjoy !

    PS: The forum converted the pictures in thumbnails, click those links to see them larger:
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