question about audio 8 dj + speakers
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    Default question about audio 8 dj + speakers

    Hi so i'm thinking of purchasing an audio 8 dj, and either a pair of mackie SRM350's or a pair of JBL MR825. the only item i posses is the vci-100 and i was wondering what would be the cheapest way to go.
    If i got the SRM350's for 600, would i need to buy a mixer or can i plug it in to the audio 8 dj?
    If i got the JBL MR825 for 450, would i need an amp + a mixer?
    Should i bother buying the audio 8 dj?

    I need help for my set up ;[

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    No need for the Audio 8 if you are playing in internal mode. Just get the Audio 2. Also if you aren't going through a mixer you will need something to adapt the rca outs of a typical DJ sound card into an XLR or quarter inch input (preferably xlr) I don't know much about this as I use a mixer in my setup.
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    i would say to get a dj mixer to send the audio to the powered speakers. believe me, the audio 8 run hot, but you still need a mixer to regulate the sound coming from the audio 8 to the speakers.
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