Q: about playing Traktor, through iTunes playlist, re: BPM info
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    Default Q: about playing Traktor, through iTunes playlist, re: BPM info

    A question for the mobile DJ's that play Traktor through an iTunes playlist. How do you set this up on a back-up computer so that you can get a BPM read-out?

    Currently it seems the only way I can get a proper BPM readout is when it's set up on my own computer, and importing the playlist in Traktor, or having the library on a separate drive, having that hooked up, and importing the playlist in Traktor. For some reason opening iTunes directly doesn't appear to save the BPM info, and "importing playlist" seems crucial.

    I want to know hot to set this up with the same playlists and accurate BPM info on a secondary back-up computer.

    When I DJ at events, I often line-up playlists according to the BPM just to take that part out of the guesswork. The problem I'm having now is that I'm trying to set it up the exact same way, on a secondary computer but I'm not getting any BPM info.

    I can't do the obvious solution of setting up itunes the same way on the back-up computer, because the back-up computer is my wife's computer with her own iTunes library and playlists.

    Plugging my iPod directly into it get's me the proper playlists and songs, but again, no BPM info.

    Sorry if this sounds confusing.
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