I ran into a problem this weekend and was wondering if anyone else had encountered the same thing/had any ideas to fix it...

I was running traktor pro and using a E-MU xboard 25 (basically the same as the oxygen keyboard) to control it, audio 8 and external mixer. When I first started to mix in, I was able to get the song playing with the midi controller, but when I started to fade in and went to tempo bend, the tempo fader jumped all the way to the bottom (faster) but the song slowed down to probably 10% of normal speed by the look of the waveform and sounded like a record spinning at just a few rpm.

I stopped, used the mouse to reset everything and tried again with a similar result in the other deck, this time after a few seconds of tempo bending. I was already mixed in and just scrambled to reset everything with the mouse as the midi keyboard wasn't really responsive and was so nervous I mixed the rest of the set just using the computer keyboard hotkeys- not so fun, but everything was at least working.

I am assuming this was due to heat and humidity, it was super hot and really humid, there was a fog machine going as well which probably wasn't helping things.

I plugged in the keyboard the next day and everything was working fine, and played another party a few weeks ago that was also really hot and humid (but not quite as bad) with no problems. I have had a korg nanokontrol become unresponsive once or twice in a similar environment, but unplugging and replugging it did the trick and it never sent any crazy signals that fucked something up.

I was wondering if anyone has had a similar problem, even with a funky signal I can't imagine what would cause the tempo fader to jump to the max while the song slows down to almost nothing.

Thanks for your thoughts as I am hoping to avoid this problem in the future-